華山町蛋糕婆婆Cake Grannie

Cake Grannie and her husband are one of the sweetest Taiwanese couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They have a company called Holiday Bakery 假日烘培地蛋糕 and they bake delicious goods and sell them at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei. I remember meeting them about a year ago and I was excited to see that they are still there and business seems to be going very well for them.

I had a little chat with them and they told me that they wake up at 6am every morning and bake for around 5 hours before heading to Huashan to sell their freshly-baked goods at the market. I was lucky enough to sample their apple and cinnamon cupcake and their orange rum raisin cupcake. Both were absolutely delicious and as someone who has lived in Asia for a few years now, these were some of the first cupcakes I have bought that actually tasted like a little bite of home- just like the cakes that my Granny used to make.

They also had some chocolate and walnut brownies, as well as a few other flavours of cupcakes which I’ll be running back to buy very soon.

It’s so refreshing to meet such a down-to-earth couple who are so dedicated to the art of baking little cakes of deliciousness. The next time you’re in Huashan look out for their stall, and be sure to go buy a cupcake or two. Make sure you stop for a chat as well, they’re such lovely people.

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Now, I’m really hungry. Don’t they just look so healthy and yummy? If you want to read more about them and see more photos of their little cakes of wonder, you can become a fan of their Facebook page here.

Thanks to Gamy Wong for the photos.

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