開心 happy happy


In Chinese, this means happy. It’s made up of two characters which are ‘open’ and ‘heart’ so it literally translates as open your heart, which I think is pretty darn cool. That’s what happiness is about right? Opening your heart and letting happiness seep in, or out onto other people. Opening your eyes to the world around you, daring to let someone in. Some people believe that if you open your heart too much you can become vulnerable to the elements and people around you, but I think it can fulfill you in ways like no other. Just walking through the park, listening to your favourite song with a smile on your face, your nose dancing among the freshly blossomed jasmine, heart and mind and senses open and alert, that’s how happiness is created and reveled in. If I see someone reaching out to help someone else, or two people that are so clearly in love, I also feel their happiness. Because they’re not afraid to open their hearts. If we hold back and close our hearts on the world, how can we ever feel true happiness? The happiness that comes from an open heart, a heart that is not scared to jump out and embrace this epic world we live in! Let’s open our hearts, aka be happy! That was totally not meant to sound like some kind of preach haha…I just thought it was quite an interesting Chinese character.

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