china town, I’m back.

I felt taller. I looked around me curiously. I was definitely at the right boarding gate….
I arrived and was given ten delicious chocolates by two men. It must have been written all over my face….
I was happy when I realised I COULD still speak Chinese and as soon as I felt the shock of arriving creeping up, I ran to the fruit shop and made friends with the new fruit shop people. This adjusting back thing, it just takes time right?!

And so once again, I climb into my trusty China tea-cup….

sunlight over me no matter what i do.

Tomorrow it is time to fly far away, back to that crazy Eastern land, China town. That time has come, time to pack up all my belongings and say farewell to the emerald fields and purple flowers and blue skies, to return to my other reality, the one where I can thrive on the daily challenges and hilarity that are thrown my way, the one where I am free (ironic?) to do as I please and to bask in that other world of adventure. Scotland, I will see you soon, China, I will see you sooner.

thursday thingy majiggies.

Musica: To transport yourself to a crazy, vibrant island filled with pirates and princesses and just to make you feel jazzier, listen to:

Book worm: Read anything by Haruki Murakami. Just do it. You will look at this beautiful world in a whole new way. I recommend ‘Dance Dance Dance.’ It was the first one I read and it is fabulous.
Watch: Braveheart. haha. But seriously. Even if just for the rolling hills and the amazing music that makes me feel ridiculously patriotic….I struggled to pay attention to this epic when I was in high school history, so I felt like I owed it to my olde country and I finally watched it. Give it a try :)

faerie hunting.

Imagine the most emerald green grass sprouting from a deep valley filled with sneaky faeries hiding amongst the prickly purple thistles and sheep with blue graffiti’d fur….This is what the Isle of Skye has hidden in one of it’s many glens. As we drove around the gorgeously wild island, I noticed a hidden track covered by bushy trees and rickety old fences. I made my sister drive back and up the steep, winding path to see what mystical gems we could find. I caught a glimpse of a gypsy caravan in the distance and I just the knew the faeries would be there. And yes, they were. If you look really closely, surely you can see them dancing on the tips of the grass and poking out from behind their signpost….

There was even a unicorn prancing around the valley, basking in the beauty of the purpleness….

The Isle of Skye was mystical and magical and wild and rugged and hysterical and dramatic and everything that an island escape should be.

musica festivities.

If you are in Guangzhou or Shenzhen you should most definitely go to the ‘South Music Fest’ :

There are actually a wide variety of music festivals happening across China this summer, and this one is right in my old neighbourhood and the lovely Panda Band are playing. I’m sure it will be a magical day with a colourful assortment of bands performing.

Last weekend I decided to spontaneously go to T in the Park, which I haven’t been to since my mid teens. It was indeed an adventure and although it wasn’t as hippy as I’d have hoped, it was nonetheless hilarious, and filled with funky music. From droplets of rain to heavy showers, to ceilidh dancing to Woodenbox and a run-in with an old friend, to Manic Street Preachers and yet another coincidental meeting, followed by Friendly Fires in a downpour, a frantic run to the first-aid tent, followed by a ride in an ambulance to a hospital war-zone hanger filled with overdosing ecstasy people and then an escape to catch the twinkling beats of Crystal Castles. A comeback if I may say so. Dance dance dance to Beyonce and then a mad skip, jump and dash to disco with The Strokes. Finishing the night off with a spot of Coldplay with sparkly fireworks and large multi-coloured balls falling from the crimson-studded sky. Total contentedness and a sprinkling of serendipitous lyrics to complete yet another amazing adventure with Miss Tarrah of Tiree. I love summertime, lying on a grassy marshland listening to my favourite bands. Where will the next adventure take us….?