smells like nostalgia.

As I enter into the modern forest of humidity I’m slapped in the face by that nostalgic august smell that China just seems to emanate. It’s not your usual smell of a potion of pollution and stinky tofu, with some peachy umbrellas thrown in; it’s more the strong scent of being in a city so completely and utterly bewildering from anywhere you’ve ever been before. Any staircase I run up, I’m instantly transported back to my days of Jinan University, running at full speed up the sticky winding stairs trying not be to late for class, again. My nose can tell when it’s about to rain, it can tell when I’m about to be thrown down memory lane, flashes of my first days in China flying by, arousing a whole compartment of feelings and times that had crawled to the back of my head, hiding in the sweat left behind at the end of two summers gone by. It’s comforting though. I wonder if it will ever change, if that smell will always be the same? Sticky nostalgia. The strong scent of memory lane.

F518 idea land.

A new art district has risen from it’s secret situation and cool bands are flocking to play there from Sweden and Japan and other lovely lands. Hidden in a hard-to-find part of the city, F518 idea land is a gem in Shenzhen. Alleyways with staircases joining adjacent warehouses filled with mystical art and strange bars with no lemons or milk. British style phoneboxes and magical dance caverns align the square and the music venue is huge and has great acoustics. It’s a really great find and I will definitely be heading there often….

the evening primrose.

Sunday afternoon and the beating hot sun. Some dumplings followed by guava juice from a cute market stall fresh from Hong Kong. Then you buy a c.d of dreamy music you’ve never heard, but you can just tell the music will be lovely. And it is. To your surprise they start playing a set right there in the middle of the market outside your favourite cafe and everything is wonderful.

starless- the evening primrose.