The Whimsical Wanderer.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” 
I hope so! For some reason, without a doubt, the night before a big trip I always freak out. Especially if I’m going solo. I remember just before I was due to fly to South Africa for university, I decided to climb into my suitcase and just cry. Why was I moving all the way to South Africa? Was I crazy? I didn’t know anyone, it was so far away, and yet there I found myself on the plane. I still did it. And I just realised that I went to South Korea alone last year. Not only can I not speak Korean, but I didn’t even have a phone, or the internet. And yet, I had the most amazing fun! It’s clearly time to chill out!! These nerves we experience just before a new adventure are good nerves, right…?! Travelling alone is something everyone must experience at least once. Not only can you do whatever the heck you want (no-one to have to compromise with), you also act more brave, you meet more people, you have more time to just be yourself and think. At least that’s what I’m hoping this trip will provide me with. Lots of time to think in a beautiful new land. A place that doesn’t hold old memories, or nostalgia. A completely clean, fresh slate for me to create new memories on. I can make decisions and not be held back by my surroundings because of some dusty memories. Everything will be brand-new. And this is what’s motivating me right now. Because of course, deep down, I’m a little scared. This is the longest I’ll have ever traveled completely alone. However, this trip has a big purpose. It’s not just a trip for me. It’s a trip that will hopefully inspire many other young adventurers to embark on a similar journey. A journey that inspires them to be who they are and create whatever it is that’s lurking in their imaginations. Ideas that are being kept back from jumping out and blowing peoples minds because of a lack of inspiration or motivation. Sometimes all it takes to unleash these thoughts and ideas is new surroundings. Creative, innovative settings. The natural world where everything is so green and peaceful, the way it should be. Then there’s the crazy chaos of the glittering cities, that gets the thought-process flowing too.
Here’s to Taiwan! It’s time to chase that kaleidoscope dream!


Alright, time to go get lost in beautiful Formosa…

Tainan May Jam!

some of the line-up so far…

Kenting has Spring Scream, Kaohsiung had Mega Port Festival and now Tainan is going to be having MAY JAM!

On the 5th and 6th of May, take yourself across to temple town- Tainan, for what looks set to be an amazing weekend of live music! Tickets are pretty cheap at 300NTS for a 1day pass and 550NTS for a 2day pass! Sweet!

It’s so cool that such a small country has so many creative events happening! If you live in Taiwan I hope you make the most of all this exposure to the arts! I’m jealous!


Urban Nomad Film Festival.

Urban Nomad Film Fest has a strong partnership with Spring Scream, so if you go to Spring Scream next week you can have the chance to view some of the independent movies that this project has to offer. They received absolutely no government funding and they aim to create a community-oriented film environment that allows people to socialise and interact at their events, usually around a bar. They hold their festivals in all kinds of spaces, such as warehouses, art villages etc, and this year, once again, at Spring Scream, right by the beach in Kenting!
The actual main film fest will take place in Taipei from 12th April- 22nd April @Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Building 3-East, 1, Sec 1, Bade Rd, Taipei.

Their opening party will be on Saturday 14th April and it looks like it’ll be amazing! Unfortunately I will miss it by one day, but if you’re in Taipei do not miss this!!

                                                 READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!
Taiwan looks freaking amazing! 5 days to go….

recycled playtime.

                                                Just follow the balloons to find the recycled fun:

I’m not complaining about spending a Saturday afternoon rolling around in recycled newspaper! It would make a very comfortable bed! The last children’s exhibition I went to however, had free wine. There was no free wine at this one. What would Butterfly Browne think of that now?!


Could it be pure coincidence, or absolute fate, that when I just happen to be in Taiwan, the biggest indie music/film/awesomeness festival just happens to be on a tropical beach at the exact same time I am there? A festival that is directly correlated to my theme for my trip. A festival that is like a dreamland! Hundreds of indie bands playing on a beach in Taiwan for 5 days in the sunshine. A beach where you can snorkel and dance your face off, AT the same time! I actually can’t believe my luck! But that’s not all! They are looking for volunteers who are willing to help build eco-art projects, hang out with the bands backstage!!!!!!, help out at the film fest stage etc etc. I mean WOW! They provide tents, sleeping bags, a meal per shift (each shift is 8hours and if you complete your 3shifts they refund your ticket) and a chance to immerse yourself in the backstage goings-on of a festival and make it as organised and fun as it deserves to be!

When the volunteer people emailed me and told me that I’d be expected to seriously dance my face off, GO WLD, watch movies on the beach and venture into the ocean for snorkeling, and when they told me to bring a guitar, ukulele, sparky hula-hoop or whatever other fun things I wanted to bring, I was like WAHOOOOOO! I mean, seriously?!!! Not only is this going to be three days of unbelievable fun, it’s also going to enrich my research on the creative scene in Taiwan so much!

If you also happen to be in Taiwan and want to get involved with volunteering, or just buy a ticket and rock out, go here! It’s taking place at the most southern point of Taiwan, in Kenting. Look at how beautiful is it…

a taste of Taiwan.

Last week, Tizzy Bac, one of Taiwan’s biggest indie bands, played here in Shenzhen and it was epic! There were at least a couple hundred people there and the music was really cool. I was the only one dancing, as well as the band, but that’s OK. China will be China. I’m pretty excited to see this band again if they’re playing at Spring Scream next week! The lead girl has such a melodious voice and the bassist has some pretty wild dance moves! Plus the drummer is just so cute! It was a really great show, and even though I only understood certain parts of the songs (they sing mainly in Chinese), it didn’t matter because it was just so fun to dance along to their funky beats!

If this is a taste of what’s to come in Taiwan, then I am ecstatic! They know how to produce some pretty sweet music, and know how to dance their faces off, which of course, is important right!

amazing gig!

I really liked these girls fashion sense :)

Tizzy Bac!

Taiwan- 1 week to go!

I can’t believe it’s only 1 week until I embark on my creative journey around Taiwan. I’m sitting in my favourite cafe, Old Heaven in OCT Loft, daydreaming about exploring as usual, but this time it’s actually happening in exactly 7 days! I’m still deciding what the best route to take is, as my first itinerary had to be changed when I discovered there is the biggest Indie music festival in Asia taking place when I just happen to be there. 100% related to my theme, it’s like fate! As much as I like to know where I’m going to be staying etc, I also just love being surprised and going with the flow. When you’re travelling you never know who you’re going to meet or what opportunity might pop up, so it’s best to be a little spontaneous and just follow your heart!

This really is my ideal scenario. Travelling and writing and not having to pay a penny! And finally I have the opportunity to use this beautiful handmade notebook that I picked up at the OCT market last year. I love the design and it’s exactly how I envision my journey. Being surrounded by intense beauty and a thriving art scene within an ancient culture. A sure-fire way to catalyse my creativity, releasing new ideas just like the birds from this girls mind, as seen on the notebook. I think this is exactly how creativity should be- flowing and flying freely from the mind, roaming the earth for the next source of inspiration.

And that is precisely what I’ll be doing in 7 days. But really we should be doing it everyday because flip this earth is beautiful! Always open to new ideas, always aware of everything around us, because it really is the little things in life hey…