WoW Backpackers

本來,我不太想去台中。我聽說台中是很大的城市,沒有趣。我聽錯了。如果你還沒去過台中,你應該去。在台中,那有好可愛的旅社。這個旅社叫 ‘wow backpacker’s’. 幸虧他們今年開門,要不然我的時間在台中可能不好玩兒。wow 的老闆是台灣人。去年他去過澳大利亞旅行。他想開始一家旅社。他做了。我去過很多國家,住在很多旅社,可是這是我第一次住在那麼漂亮的旅社。進去的時候,我說 ‘wow’。我沒想到裡面是這麼可愛!謝謝 wish! 謝謝 mouse!

well, i think that might be enough Chinese for today. ok so last month i went on a little adventure. my first stop was Taichung 台中, which is a city about 1.5hrs to the west of Taipei. i never really had any urge to travel there before because i’d heard it was just another bustling city, filled with scooters. the night before my trip i thought i should probably at least plan a little, so i started researching hostels in Taichung. one in particular immediately caught my eye- WoW Backpackers. a brand-new hostel close to Tung-Hai University. i gave the owner a call and he was extremely friendly and asked me to call him from the train with my approximate arrival time. seeing as the hostel is about 40minutes by bus from the station, and me being a newbie to Taichung, i was extremely happy that someone was going to help me avoid the inevitable ‘getting lost in a new city vibe’.

WoW is located in a really quiet part of the city, far from the hustle of the train station. trust me, this is a good thing. although it might seem like quite a distance, it’s truly worth it. WoW is an amazing hostel! It’s bright, spacious, airy, homely and the owner- Wish, has thought out every last detail so that it fits every traveler’s needs. it’s fairly cheap and worth every penny. there are three floors and Wish has painted them according to earth, sky and rainbow. every room (you can choose from dorm and family/private room) is bursting with colour and everything is as clean as can be. each room is like a little magical chamber and the beds are extremely comfortable, as are the sofas in the chill-out lounge. the two nights i spent there were wonderful. i felt so at home and wish i could have stayed longer. i’ll definitely be going back! it certainly lives up to it’s name!

the hostel is close to Tung-Hai University and from there you can walk to the epic Taichung Art Street which is like a maze of vintage stores,  cafes, cats, cobbled streets and art galleries.

Taichung is also a great base for exploring Lugang, Sun-Moon Lake, Jiji etc. i truly recommend heading to WoW Backpackers, if just for the experience of staying in a really great hostel! the world needs more hostels like WoW- a carefully-crafted cosy, colourful home away from home!

Address: 3F, no.166-81, Sec.3, Xitun Road, Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan.

Contact no: 0424652058


By U Bus
Get off at ZhungGang Transfer Station then transfer to U Bus No.75 and get off at Yumen-Xitun Rd.

By Train
Get off at Taichung Train Station and then transfer to RenYou No.45 and get off at Xitun-Yumen Rd.

Take HSR Shuttle Bus Tung hai Uni. line and get off at GuoAn house then go down one block on Xitun Rd.