stranger than fiction

We live in a tiny world, we really do. I can’t even recall the amount of times I’ve stumbled upon friendly faces in a strange land. Old faces in new places, from days gone by under a different sky. These fateful meetings always take place in real time. I am there and I experience it for what it is, be it coincidence, chance, fate…

But I always thought it’d be pretty cool to find a belonging of someone and to go on an adventure to track them down, just like Amelie. Finding a faded love letter in a peculiar place, or a message in a bottle washed up on the sand; I love stuff like that. But sadly I’ve never had the chance to embark on such an escapade.

However, a few weeks ago I was just about to click ‘delete all’ regarding my inbox ‘trash’, when I thought ah what the heck, I’ll just double check. Then, I found this:

Hi Siobhan:

I recently bought a used book in Hong Kong - ¨The Gourmet¨ by Muriel Barbery.

On p.64 there is a highlighted section sorta about the lost passion of youth. Someone (or yourself) wrote in red pen, ¨Unless, of course, your name is Siobhan Lumsden[smiley thing]¨

Well, that was a fun thing to put in! 

So, I just had to check you out on the net, blah, blah. I am almost 60, and while I would applaud your attitude, I have found it necessary to maintain a deeper sense of cynicism to survive, which, paradoxically, can also preserve certain ideals, etc.

I hope you too can also continue to be yourself when you are 60!

Michael Ranieri

OK, so it’s not the beginning of a love story haha…but I still thought it was pretty freaking cool. And that, that is precisely why I am friends with Tarrah Macdonald- the girl who sent me the book and who ever-so kindly always highlights little sections to grab my attention. This kind of thing reminds me just how awesome our world is. Little encounters like this are so encouraging, and they make me feel less sad about the number of books I give away to second-hand book stores when I pack up ship and set sail for another country. Clearly my books are being bought and cared for and continuing on their journey, all the while allowing 60 year old men to question their cynicism.

And no, I don’t know how this Michael got my email, and I’m going to pretend I’m not creeped out by how exposing the internet can be.

I’m also going to keep being positive, and yes, I probably will still be the same at 60. I highly doubt my personality is going to let cynicism crawl in anytime soon, if ever.

So, next time you’re about to throw that old book away, stop, write your name on the front page, or highlight a section that you identify with and sign your name next to it. Who knows? You might make a new friend!

lomo lomo lomo

I have been a little distant here, and that’s really no-one’s fault but my own. However, I did also start interning at Lomography Taipei last month, so things have been a little busy.

Don’t know what Lomography is? Check it out here. It’s a pretty amazing company and I’m having a lot of fun! I’m in charge of organising events as well as writing the blog posts for these events in both English and Chinese. I also dabble in whatever else needs done around the office and store. Such a cool environment to be working in!

For me, Lomography represents everything that a creative, inspiring lifestyle epitomizes. It’s a company that not only sets out to build and develop an ever-growing community of eager analogue photography fans, it’s also a company that puts emphasis on utilizing imagination, in return highlighting the fun that can come from living spontaneously and in the moment. This kind of lifestyle allows the user to identify with the little things that make our world so beautiful. I really resonate with this way of living and so it was only natural that my passion for Lomography would spiral from this simple, but truly symbolic concept. I love the way Lomography is so accessible to anyone and everyone. Each of the cameras are fairly simple to use, and you don’t need to be a pro at editing to have a photo that oozes other-wordliness. As the slogan says, it’s all about ‘leave(ing) the digital grind behind,’ and this alone highlights the beauty of Lomography- getting back to the roots of photography and appreciating it in it’s earliest form. Not to mention the fact that there’s a camera to suit every personality and occasion. I also love the anticipation and excitement that stems from waiting for the photos to be developed. I never know how my photos will turn out and this makes it all the more worth the surprise.

Here are a few of my recently-developed photos…

F1180001 F1180002 F1180003 F1180009 F1180010 F1180012 F1180014 F1180018 F1180023 F1180024 F1180025 F1180028 F1180029 F1180035

If you haven’t experimented with Lomography cameras, or any kind of analogue camera for that matter, I suggest you go raking in your Grandpa’s attic and dig out an old-school camera and buy yourself a film. Let’s embrace the analogue life!

a flirt with fate.

i ran home from Red Room last week filled with inspiration. i had high hopes that i could throw together a piece for the following week’s spoken word session. i scribbled a few random words, and tried to create a rhythm. i felt like i was writing a rap, and it was quite clearly my first time. but anyway, here’s a peek at the beginning…

‘and as the wheels turned and the smoke churned, you sat and feasted on a plate of merriment. old beaten boxes, suitcases filled with parts of broken hearts from months before, consumed my mind and forced memories to bind, our date was put on wait.

the day of the lunar eclipse, i took away the ellipsis, of a life yet to be spun. and so it was that you graced me with your face of spontaneity. elements shifted, time stopped and then was lifted, to a life far from recollections and old rusted nostalgia. and on that word the ink began to fizzle and dwindle and i knew the time had come to change the pen and the men, of this world.

so boldly and in a flash, i saw our path, moustaches and green lashes on a moor by a lake. it’s a date, he said, and they danced to the sand, no light from this land could illuminate them like the moon, but she was on a day off, so they took to the loft, to a day gone by, a lingering alluring daze of haze and mist from their first date, a flirt with fate.’


Luna Finula