A little Scottish/Chinese mash-up!

How the people of one small Scots fishing village launched their own record label and became a global phenomenon.  – The Guardian


Yesterday, while browsing my old-beloved, I came across an article that said the Scottish record label- The Fence Collective, were bringing some of their bands to China for a tour! How exciting! I love it when local bands near where I live in Scotland can reach to a bigger audience, and China’s certainly bigger!! If you’re in Shanghai, they’re playing on Tuesday 16th! Please go and enjoy for me! I love King Creosote! They’re touring along the Silk Road trade route and are going to be mingling with local musicians from China, resulting in some awesome collab-work! My two special countries coming together, yay! They have been given the chance to go to China and play music, with the help of UK Now, a big festival of British arts and creative industries held in China. I hope they can come to Taiwan next!!

This is one of my favourite King Creosote songs!

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