a cartoon world.

I love my job. I go to work everyday and enter a cartoon world. From outer space to bouncy marshmallow lands, to faraway Zodiac lands, I get to travel all around this magical world. I’ve always wanted to be a cartoon voice actor eversince the days of watching Rugrats everyday of the week and dreaming of playing a naughty little girl just like Angelica.

My dream job found me! And the first character I played for two seasons was Small Fry, from a series called Chicken Stew. She is a little rascal chicken and when she’s not using her ridiculously big brain to create escape routes to get away from the hungry weasels, she’s glued to her video game console. She’s cute and I miss her!

I am now playing a little cockney piglet called Truffles in a series called Zodiac Way. He’s a chubby little thing and he loves to eat toffee apples on a stick and play with his buddies Bunny Brett and Baa Baa Lou.

Today I started playing the flirty bunny rabbit Velvet Touch. She wears bright purple eyeshadow and is the town detective/ crime solver lady. She is very airy fairy and fun to play!

My next character will be Flutterby. The pretty butterfly in a series called Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Here are some pictures of my cutsie characters:

Small Fry in the midde.

Velvet on the left and Truffles on the right.
Flutterby on the left.

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