a flirt with fate.

i ran home from Red Room last week filled with inspiration. i had high hopes that i could throw together a piece for the following week’s spoken word session. i scribbled a few random words, and tried to create a rhythm. i felt like i was writing a rap, and it was quite clearly my first time. but anyway, here’s a peek at the beginning…

‘and as the wheels turned and the smoke churned, you sat and feasted on a plate of merriment. old beaten boxes, suitcases filled with parts of broken hearts from months before, consumed my mind and forced memories to bind, our date was put on wait.

the day of the lunar eclipse, i took away the ellipsis, of a life yet to be spun. and so it was that you graced me with your face of spontaneity. elements shifted, time stopped and then was lifted, to a life far from recollections and old rusted nostalgia. and on that word the ink began to fizzle and dwindle and i knew the time had come to change the pen and the men, of this world.

so boldly and in a flash, i saw our path, moustaches and green lashes on a moor by a lake. it’s a date, he said, and they danced to the sand, no light from this land could illuminate them like the moon, but she was on a day off, so they took to the loft, to a day gone by, a lingering alluring daze of haze and mist from their first date, a flirt with fate.’


Luna Finula


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