A garden of surprises.

We chose our apartment because of the swimming pool. Quite simply…we saw the pool…and were like “GIVE US AN APARTMENT IN THIS COMPLEX…ANY APARTMENT. ” And so here we are….and well….we have no swimming pool. I mean it’s there..outside..but there is no water. ‘Apparently’ summer in Guangzhou is over..Clearly the sweat dripping from my bright red face is just in my imagination then…and thus our pool is empty. EMPTY. Leaves, splashes of rain water, a few insects..but no water for swimming in. sob sob. Even the pretty fountains at the entrance have been switched off.

I refused to believe that our beautiful garden had nothing else to offer so I went on a little exploration to discover it’s delights…and it has many. Wee baby kittens laze around on the exact same steps everytime I enter and leave the complex. They are very playful and I could have sworn that I saw them eating rice for dinner last week. (It wouldn’t surprise me). They always squeal ‘miaowww’ which sounds like ‘ni hao’ which is Chinese for hello. They are very cute. (I have just confirmed they DO eat rice…out of wee plastic bags…so sweet).

There is also the baby panda. I wish he were a real panda, but alas it is just a little ornament overlooking the play area. He is obviously in charge of the play area, and ensures all the kiddies keep out of mischief.

Then there are the frogs. There are many frogs. They keep watch on every corner and ensure that the complex is very secure. When I come home their eyes pop out in anticipation of this outsider…Then they see me smile and skip by and their eyes glide back in, back to their position of ease. Friendly little fellows, if a little feisty at times.

Now, where to start with the elephants. Yes, there ARE elephants in China. I believe we have 3 in our complex. One mummy and two babies. The poor baby by the pool…her trunk is used as a water slide. I bet she is the only happy one now that so-called ‘autumn’ is in the air. The other 2 ellies chill out in the play area with the kids. They seem shy, and hide behind the leaves from the big trees.

Now the magic green and red toadstools…well that’s another story, a rather razzalicious tale indeed….pictures shall be posted of my garden friends as soon as they decide to sit still and stop making faces at me….

One Comment on “A garden of surprises.

  • Terence Shum
    September 27, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    What a lovely post written by a lovely lady about her lovely garden. LOL lovely~!

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