a heart-shaped bicycle.

Just as the full moon disappears back behind the dusty clouds and you almost get run over by funky electric bikes, your rage begins to heighten. A wisp of smoke is blown in your face and the dinosaur path is blocked by construction. Even the trusty ipod is out of energy. Coming towards you at full speed is yet another bicycle, one of a gazillion, but this one catches your eye. It is all black. Shiny black. And there is a delicate basket attached to the front. It has a gorgeous wire-mesh heart attached to it. The man riding it is clearly in love. Probably going to fetch his beautiful wife some delicious little buns for breakfast, while she prepares some fresh soya-bean juice. Yes. All hope in this wonderful day is restored again. The sky even brightens from grey to aqua in an instant and some heart shaped clouds float by….

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