a river runs through our pretty city.

I live by a river and everyday I pass this little path that runs alongside the river. Today we decided to take a stroll and explore this path. It has been a really beautiful day. A fresh breeze has been blowing, and the sun was big and bright in the sky, reflecting off of the big buildings making them all look orange. A man stood on the edge of the tallest roof and his shadow against the sun looked stunning.

This river isn’t the ‘cleanest’ of rivers and it carries a distinctly, dirty smell but nonetheless it was still a fun walk. We passed a little fishing village, a sea world. The fishermen had built a rickety, old bridge from their sea village to the banking. It really looked like it would cave in at any moment. Didn’t risk running across even though I really wanted to.

We passed many a jogger, many a bicycle. When I buy my pink, sparkly bicycle with rainbows and green, glittery streamers I shall also cycle alongside this little river with all the old, cheery men. We saw a lady doing some kind of tai chi- where she tapped her head intensively. We peeked through the trees and saw kids playing basketball. On the otherside of the river I saw two kids. One boy and one girl. They were running after one another and looked so in love. I think they were on a date, frolicking down by the riverside. We eventually reached the next bridge and climbed the old stairs. The view was amazing. Even though it was so industrial, it was so peaceful. No cars. No smog. Just a big bright sun and happy people.

On the way back we were greeted by a lovely jogger. He was wearing a suit. He said ‘Hello! Nice to meet you!’ He looked so happy and he put the biggest smile on my face. So friendly, and running in a SUIT. Lovely. We passed kids with their grannies, and even four men in suits having a little poker picnic party in the deep grass, right in the riverbed. They looked cheerful and content to be finished a day’s work. Zooming on their bikes to the riverbed, they fell into the grass, pulled our their playing cards and laughed at the passing foreigners…that would be us then.

We then decided to visit our local fruit and veg market. Dan bought some chicken legs. I bought some sweetcorn. Then we decided to treat ourselves to a new, big plant. We chose this huge purple tree. She looks so pretty out on our balcony now. I also bought some purple and white flowers. They smell so sweet.

I love the area of the city that we live in. It has the big, city feel. The lights, the tall buildings, the buses, cars, bicyles. But it also feels peaceful. With the coolest market ever. And we definitely have the best view of the huge rainbow t.v tower that Dan thinks looks like a multi-coloured lollipop. It’s so nice to get off the metro and cross the bridge with all the laser beam lights and the new flowery-lit square building. The rainbow tower guides me home and as I hop up the steps to our complex, I see the big, swishing trees and the little kittens and I’m home.

Did I just call my apartment in Guangzhou home?!

What a glorious day!

One Comment on “a river runs through our pretty city.

  • Tarrah
    October 30, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    i read this before going to sleep last night… and i had such feverish ahlluginogenic dreams of beautiful glowing cities… (may have been a side effect of the flu as well… haha) But seriously!! I got up and started to write in my journal about how trippy it was, all lit up with these golden lights, and then i realized… i am actually still in my room in JAH… It was so freaky!! Must come see these tower for myself… so i stop having crazy dreams about it!! 🙂

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