a taste of Taiwan.

Last week, Tizzy Bac, one of Taiwan’s biggest indie bands, played here in Shenzhen and it was epic! There were at least a couple hundred people there and the music was really cool. I was the only one dancing, as well as the band, but that’s OK. China will be China. I’m pretty excited to see this band again if they’re playing at Spring Scream next week! The lead girl has such a melodious voice and the bassist has some pretty wild dance moves! Plus the drummer is just so cute! It was a really great show, and even though I only understood certain parts of the songs (they sing mainly in Chinese), it didn’t matter because it was just so fun to dance along to their funky beats!

If this is a taste of what’s to come in Taiwan, then I am ecstatic! They know how to produce some pretty sweet music, and know how to dance their faces off, which of course, is important right!

amazing gig!

I really liked these girls fashion sense 🙂

Tizzy Bac!

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