a weekend in the magical city.

Everytime I go back to Guangzhou I discover some new hidden delight. This past weekend on our hunt to find a late night restaurant we stumbled upon this old pink building with green shutters. Pink and green= sold. It was called ‘Traveller’s Cafe’ and looked so cute. As we entered it felt like I was home, in my Granny’s kitchen, the smell of peaches and cream in the air and old wooden furniture everywhere. What a treat. I ordered grapefruit, aloe and honey tea to drink which was INCREDIBLE. Like an explosion of sweetness. Infact nothing has ever tasted so sweet. Not even if I combined all the most delicious sweets in the whole wide world. Heavenly. And the sweetness didn’t stop there. For dinner I ate rice with duck breast and…PEACHES. With a tomatoey kind of sauce. Gosh. Delicious. I would never ever have mixed peaches with rice, nevermind meat, but by golly, it was sooo yummy. Ah what a cute place.
Then our next stop was Loft 345, an awesome underground little bar hidden in a derelict warehouse down by the canal. Creepy? Yes. But fun. So me and Emma were just chilling and sipping and some guy came over and asked if we would mind posing for his art project…? Sure! He then proceeded to explain to us that this project was dealing with sensitive issues, things that Chinese people don’t feel comfortable talking about…He then showed us some polaroid shots of girls posing seductively with a mini black object…yes. Well I’m sure you can guess the rest. So we each took it in turns to pose with this mini object, and by mini, I mean really freaking miniscule. Hilarious. We were even given a free little miniscule tiny object for contributing our poses. Lovely. HAHA.
The next day we continued to laugh about our miniscule objects and decided to check out a newish art district in Guangzhou. Right on the eastern outskirts of the city. The coolest places are always the hardest places to find in this city. This art area is called 53 Art Museum. The thing that attracted us was the giant red aluminium containers that houses the various offices. Unfortunately we were not allowed to enter these containers and were scolded by the guard for trying to. However, the highlight for me was the brightly coloured people posing and dancing and poking out of the grass. There was also a cool exhibition of paintings and sculptures and random objects created by two artist friends from different walks of life. They focused primarily on the futuristic destruction of cities, mainly Guangzhou. The way in which a city is built up so much, almost to the extent that things start to rise literally upwards on top of each other. There was one in particular where the roads wound up into the sky and everything was chaotic. What does that say about Guangzhou’s future….?
Another fasincating piece was a giant red apple. There was a box of knives next to it with gold and black markers and everyone who had visited had signed a knife and stabbed it into the apple. Yes, I accidentally cut my finger.

But it sure felt good to ooze my knife into the giant apple. The skin of the apple popped as my gold starry knife slid through. Now that’s a stress relief. Wow, now I probably sound like some kind of psycho. I promise I’m not 🙂
There was also a hidden projector screen behind a black dusty curtain. Of course, being the crazy people that we are we decided to have a mini rave behind the curtain and create the word L O V E with our bodies, projected against the video of a random construction site in China.

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Pretty cool.
Next up was some tasty Vietnamese food. If you haven’t been to Tiger Prawn in Guangzhou then you should probably get on a plane and come eat it. It’s damn good. Followed by some tasty mini eggs (a late easter treat….thanks Em) and a skip along to Hoolie’s for THE PANDA BAND. They are awesome. And sometimes they do even dress up like pandas and they play awesome covers such as The Pixies 🙂
So even though I no longer live in Guangzhou, it’s still my original Chinese home. Forever. And there will always be plenty of fun discoveries lurking there for me to go and unleash on my further quests for adventure in that lovely, dirty city.

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