Abandoned Hopes in the Forest

It was one of those hazy, early mornings. She’d irresponsibly danced until the little hours, despite knowing the following day’s planned adventure. But, the party must go on.


They sat on a dusty step in the blinding sun, slipping behind shadows for shade. She nibbled her daily dose of guava fruit, eagerly awaiting the bus’s arrival. The other two approached, bags of food in tow and they set off. The journey was quick and she left her headache in the elongated tunnel.

They hopped into a taxi and much to the driver’s amusement, asked to be dropped in the middle of nowhere. And, we all know that’s how good adventures begin…


They walked along the deserted path, breathing in the fresh jungle air. That it was going to be a magical day had clearly been established. They curiously wondered as to what the abandoned buildings had once been, and sunshine aside, they scared each other with tales of zombies and ghosts of serenity-seeking tourists from years gone by.


Are they naked?

IMG_4808Come now, of course not. But they bathed in the river as if they’d never bathed before. The water was the freshest their skin had encountered in quite some time. Flowing straight from the source, they let it wash over them, replenishing any lost minerals from city living. They ate a feast fit for a king, and pondered staying forever, living like original cave men. It felt good to be so close to nature. Did they have to let it go? Must they go back to the hustle and bustle of the city?

IMG_4811The curiosity of such a place took over their imaginations long into the afternoon. Why would this heavenly spot be so empty? They smiled when they realised; this is Taiwan. There are so many secret spots, each unique in it’s own special way. The irony lay in the fact that this had clearly once been a hot spring resort, or a high class hotel of some kind. And yet, now abandonment emanated through the skinny palm trees.

They reveled in it.

IMG_4824As they wandered back to keep their date with the taxi-driver back to the city (in such a land of mystery, to stumble upon a taxi by chance would be quite the miracle), they stopped to take a snoop around the suspicious-looking ruins.

IMG_4828 IMG_4836 IMG_4841 Clearly something friendlier than zombies dominated the area, else why would there by plants of the signature heart-shaped leaves (so commonly found on this glorious island) dotted around?

IMG_4843 Gigantic, empty pools of nothingness sat silently, desperately seeking some form of hydration.

IMG_4846 And yet plants continued to blossom and bloom, sprinkling the scene with a palette of pastels.

IMG_4849 IMG_4853 They did not want to get in the way of this guy, so they swiftly made a snappy getaway. In this land, spiders are not to be messed with.

IMG_4855 They could happily while away their days here with no shortage of peace and quiet, in it’s purest form.

IMG_4858 IMG_4860

Unfortunately, adventures sometimes need to end. Luckily for them, this secret retreat is very easy to reach and so they will most certainly return when the weather is a little warmer, to grace this luscious land with their laughter and stories of jungle zombies again and again.

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