Adventures in Jiufen 九份

Jiufen is the famous, magical little town known for being Miyazaki’s inspiration for ‘Spirited Away.’ Being in this town, even in a torrential down-pour, couldn’t sadden the most-deflated of hearts. It’s such a happy, quirky little place. As the bus crawled up the country cliffs, and Jiufen came into view, I was awestruck. It’s quite literally perched on the edge of a cliff, and it winds down and almost juts out of the side. There was one giant mountain covered in mystical mist that I would have loved to climb if it hasn’t been so rainy. What a glorious, whimsical place…

You can’t go to Jiufen and NOT have tea. It’s essential.

 These faces were stuck onto the wall of the primary school.

Taro ice-cream and shaved peanuts= Jiufen burrito…why have we never put ice-cream inside a tortilla wrap before? Delicious!!

Having a little snack break at one of the many Taro houses.

Look at these alleys, winding and cobbled and cute.

I absolutely loved this sign above a little craft store.

Double happiness!!

I felt like I’d just stepped straight into Spirited Away…look at that ocean…

Alternatively, I could be in a Murakami story…

 Oh, hazy waves and misty days, hello!

Our tea menu- quirky!

Can’t get enough of the lantern love!

A time-less town.

Now, if only I could ride back to Taipei on this guy…In a Murakami novel I totally could…

Do yourself a favour and come to Taiwan and go to Jiufen. It’ll honestly lighten your heart and you’ll feel so free roaming those winding streets. And I’ll come with you!

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