another week of whimsy

Where does time fly to? Another Monday evening, another week of adventure gone by and slowly but surely, this city is growing on me. I’m starting to flow more with it’s crazy pace, I’m starting to keep up and I’m beginning to enjoy it. I even think my little Mandarin ear is starting to understand Cantonese- it’s like a whole new world has opened up!

Last week was really quite lovely. Autumn finally arrived, and with it brought deliciously crisp days with a sprinkling of fresh ocean breeze. I received my first package from Snail Mail Collective which you can read more about here. Basically you sign up and get given a penpal from across the globe. I haven’t had a random penpal since I was like 10 years old, so it was pretty cool to get to know a new blogger and send her a little package. I was paired with Heather who blogs here and she sent me this lovely package which you can see below. I absolutely love the notebooks which are perfect for carrying around in my bag and for quickly jotting down any moments of inspiration. Also, the sweets…yeah, I’ve already finished them. They were very yummy! Thank you Heather! I definitely recommend Snail Mail Collective to people who enjoy getting to know other like-minded people, and in the process getting the chance to send and receive a package. You can’t beat real snail mail!


I ate a lot of dim-sum last week. It’s just so good. It’s one of the many things that I’m loving about being back in the Southern China and Hong Kong region. I love sitting around a big table and sharing little bamboo nests of petite goodness with my work buddies. Sometimes I haven’t got a clue what it actually is that I’m inserting into my mouth with my twitchy chopsticks, but that’s part of the fun of it I guess. I still won’t eat chicken feet though. There’s just something about nibbling on a claw with a sharp toenail that FREAKS me out. It’s just skin anyway, there’s no meat whatsoever. No thank you.


IMG_20131122_233250 I then had the most delightful weekend! Italian food with some friends from South Africa. Actually, the first girl I ever met at Rhodes University now lives in Hong Kong too, so it’s been very nice catching up with her and meeting her friends who I seem to have already met through other mutual friends. Rhodes University: it’s a small place; everyone knows everyone. I then went hiking on the Pat Sin Leng trail with two of my best friends from China days. It felt so good to be wandering along the trail, inhaling the sweetest, nature-infused air, to be glancing at the ocean on one side and to be getting my hair caught in twigs on the other. I always feel lighter when I’m deep in nature, as if I’m home in Scotland and can breathe properly again. I feel so lucky that Hong Kong offers the best of both worlds. Funnily enough, right in the middle of the trail we bumped into a lady out for a hike with her dogs and I asked her for directions and straight away she was like Where in Scotland are you from? I was so excited to meet a fellow Scot high up on a Hong Kong trail. Once again, highlighting our small small world.

After the perfect hike, just reaching the road again as the moon rose, we headed back towards the city to the Christmas Garden in Shatin City Plaza. The colours weren’t the traditional Christmas reds and green, but I loved it. It was very chic and had a classical feel about it. I can’t believe it’s only 1 month until Christmas!

IMG_20131123_231509 You really wouldn’t know that Winter is upon us…

IMG_20131123_231634 While waiting for my friends to arrive, I took a wander around Tai Po Market station and ended up in a bustling fruit and veg market. Nestled right in the middle of the vendors, then tucked up a little alley was the cutest, dustiest little temple I’ve ever stumbled upon. There’s just something magical about the incense coils at temples in Hong Kong; the way the smoke billows up in swirls and settles in your hair, leaving you smelling spiritual long into the afternoon.

IMG_20131123_231753 Sunday brought another sunny day and I headed straight to Wan Chai for the rooftop market at The Pawn. The Pawn is actually one of the oldest 3 storey buildings in Hong Kong and back in the day it really was a pawn shop. Now it’s a bar and a restaurant with a gorgeous rooftop, perfect for a little Sunday market of cupcakes, wine and friends.

IMG_20131124_183147 IMG_20131124_183521 I had such fun exploring Wan Chai. In the past, I was a bit put off by the area due to the amount of sleazy guys that dominate Lockhart Road, but once you get away from that crazy debauchery and head up behind The Pawn you’ll stumble upon some dreamy streets which are actually called Sun Street, Moon Street and Star Street! To have Moon Street as an address, why that’s the dream right there. This area is built on a hill and is positively overflowing with vibes perfect for a sleepy Sunday. Little cafes and restaurants align the streets, squeezed in-between trendy boutiques and old laundromats. I certainly wouldn’t mind living there and being able to pop down to the tram line and come face to face with this beautiful multicoloured building that stands slap-bang in the middle of Wan Chai everyday.

IMG_20131124_183708 IMG_20131124_183925 IMG_20131124_184044

Another week of whimsy.



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