Après Ski- “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers”

I don’t often stumble across jewelry that I just have to have, but that’s all changed now that I’ve found Après Ski’s “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers” collection. I want them ALL.

Après Ski’s accessoires are designed by the wonderful Lucía Vergara from Barcelona. She launched her first solo collection in 2009 and from the look of her shop it appears she’s on a creative roll. Her pieces are very vintage-focused and most of them are actually made from old materials from the 40s to 80s. She is a natural craftsman, mixing her chosen materials together to create a new blend of innocent romance with an air of casual modernity.

She gets most of her inspiration from the world of nature, but she also focuses in on geometrical shapes and designs that make up the universe.

Each of her collection’s are extremely unique, and due to her thrifting of vintage materials, each piece has it’s own little history. That is pretty special.

Her “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers” collection was inspired by Memphis Milano, a movement of architecture and industrial design from the 80s. It’s also very apparent that some of her influences stem from Africanism, but with a pastel colour twist and the signature geometrical shapes that combine to create the Après Ski label.

P1040184 Congo 44euros

P1040224 Lichi 67euros

P1040244 Costa 71euros

P1040258 Albion 44euros

P1040267 Dizi 32euros

P1040279 Edo 32euros

P1040336Bi 71euros

P1040272Iku 32euros

Lucky for us, she delivers worldwide, so if you’re outside Spain allow anywhere from 5-14 days to receive your little beauty. It only costs 4.70euros for postage and packaging, and for any extra accessories on top of that it’s only an additional 2euros!

Check out the Après Ski site here.

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