August, where did you come from?

Surely it cannot be August 2013 already…I’m quite sure it was just yesterday that I was watching the fireworks over Taipei 101, saying farewell to 2012?!

Yup, I’m clearly getting old because time is whizzing by and it’s just a little scary. But that is precisely why we must make the most of every single moment, enjoy and take notice of the little things in life and keep exploring everyday.

2012 was one of the best years of my life which I wrote about here, and 2013 has been pretty darn lovely too, and hey, we’re only just past the halfway mark- I’m sure there are plenty more adventures up 2013’s sleeve!

Here are a few of my favourite experiences and accomplishments from this year so far…

* Getting above 90% on all my Chinese exams

* Interning at Lomography Taipei for three months and hosting events where I mainly spoke in Chinese

* Receiving emails from strangers to say that my writing has inspired them

* Cycling in South Africa and having beautiful up-close encounters with giraffes and zebras

* Showing friends from afar around Taiwan

* Cycling for days around Green Island in the sunshine

* Celebrating my birthday at a ceilidh at home in Scotland with my family and some of my best friends from Rhodes

* Frolicking in Bath and London town

* Being a bridesmaid for the first time in my life

* Making big changes in my life and embracing the unknown…

Here’s to the next adventure!

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