Ballerina Project

No, but seriously, is it too late to become a ballerina?

A few days ago I stumbled upon this incredible site- Ballerina Project. It was created by a photographer- Dane Shitagi, and is an ongoing series of photographs that capture the ‘real’ ballerina in all her forms and emotions. He has been working on this project for 12 years and I am so excited to have found such stunning images. There’s something about an image of a ballerina in a gritty cityscape; the contrast of elegance against inner-city filth, reality.

All of the ballerinas photographed are professionals who have worked for the most exclusive ballet companies.

The coolest part about the majority of these photographs…? Before 2012 they were all taken on film cameras!! Analogue photography is the best!

Here are a few beauties, and to check out more go to the site here or join the Facebook fan page here.

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All of these photos can be found here and you can also subscribe and purchase photos on the site here.

Any ballet teachers out there??

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