beau bow

Girl to Girl: No, come on! You know who I’m talking about! That tall girl who always wears the bows.

Girl 1: Oh bow girl. Gosh, doesn’t she know they’re like, only for little girls.

Girl 2: Oh, yeah, yeah totally…(Girl 2 discreetly unclips bow from the back of her hair…)

Enter Bow Girl…

you see, she’s cool! bows are nat for babies.

red ones are not just for Minnie Mouse mmmk.

this isn’t one i’d wear to class, but for a party…

bow dresses, i love them.

i want this dress!

 men, yes, you should wear a bow tie everyday.

Bows really are quite lovely. Be it a bow tie, a giant hair bow, a dress with a bow, a belt with a bow, I’m all about the bows. When was the last time you wore a bow? I suggest tying a little ribbon bow to your bag, or trying to do your hair like this. Or just pop a little bow into that up-do. I promise it looks cool!

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