blue monday

OK, it’s official, I’m psychic. I wrote in my diary last week that I’d blog this song today because it’s epic! And it IS actually Blue Monday today, weird! As in the news people of the world said this Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I don’t agree, but woohoo to being psychic. No, but really…time to start channeling this power to my advantage.

This morning I was sweet dreaming, when all of a sudden a random Taiwanese man ran up to me, in my dream, and screamed XIAO XIN 小心, which means BE CAREFUL! I was like OK, that was weird, and then one minute later my bed started shaking and it sounded like my window was about to smash, and then I woke up and realised it was another mini earthquake. Yup. But it’s a good thing apparently, all these small quakes, my teacher so kindly assured me today…Rather these daily shakes and quakes, than a gigantic one. Hmm, yeah sure, or how about none?! It’s really unsettling and I’m not educated in this kind of thing. Last week we had quite a big one (or at least I thought so) and I jumped up, panicked and was like what do i doooo?

Despite the earth shaking me awake, there was nothing blue about this Monday. Oh, apart from the sky. It was extremely blue because summer has crept back in. YAY! As in, allow me to turn on my a.c and wear a summer dress again without a gazillion layers.

Taipei, you’re a little bizarre, but I love you.

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