book worm club.

Why does no-one want to be in my book club? We get to talk about really cool, magical books and eat cookies and cakes. And drink sweet tea.

I can’t be in a book club all by myself now.

Today I was eating my rice and eggplant and reading a little Murakami, when along came the friendly, old man I always see eating in my favourite restaurant. He said to me ‘If you want to make friends, read a book. It always attracts me to people. I get nosy and want to know what they are reading.’

I feel the same as this old man. Although I rarely see ANYONE reading here. I’m usually the only one. How on earth can people handle bus rides, metro rides, queing…without a good book?! It baffles me.

Well at least the old man likes reading books. Maybe he will join my book club?

One Comment on “book worm club.

  • Birt
    November 1, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    Awww, I would be in your book club in a flash, how very rude of the people there not to want to join! miss you lots, love u lady xxx

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