Braveheart: eat your ‘heart’ out. It’s time for BRAVE!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until June 22nd. Not only is it my birthday, (oh yeaah) it’s also the premiere of ‘Brave.’ What’s ‘Brave’ I hear you wonder? Why only Pixar’s coolest idea ever!! I was sitting with my friends munching on some kimchi (Korea…mmm), when one of them was like ‘Hey Siobhan, did you hear Pixar are bringing out a new Scottish fairy-tale picture this year?’ Me: ‘Oh yeah, ‘course…awesome hey!’ (In my head: I should probably be aware of this seeing as it’s my current line of work, and I love fairies and my country and oh my…next minute, rushes home to check out the trailer)!

Finally a Pixar animation with a girl as the lead, a Scottish girl at that, one who does indeed have red frizzy hair and yes, she is fighting for her freedom. What can I say, us Scots just can’t get enough mmmk! FREEEEEEDOM! (I’d like to shout out that around here sometime…who knows what would happen…)

This girl might even rock the mismatched socks off of Pippi Longstocking (cannot believe I even just said that, she certainly will not). I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t know about it before. How could fate be so cruel? Why can’t it be meeee? Haha. Ah well, I guess Kelly Macdonald (Trainspotting, Nanny Mcphee etc) can probably pull it off better 😉 But hey, now that I know Pixar are turning to Scotland for inspiration (finally, I mean, come on it IS stunning), who knows where the future for us Scottish voice actors might go? I have hope! I’m aiming for Meridan’s (lead girl) best friend from the local village, who loves dancing in fields and eating chocolate…Ha!

Check our the trailer here: (oh how I miss my homeland, mmm 🙂

Sometimes my links don’t work…so try again here :
I’m even more excited (if that’s possible) by the short animation ‘La Luna’ which is also going to be accompanying ‘Brave’ at it’s premiere! Now if you know me, you’ll know I love the moon and I repeat, LOVE the moon. So how could I resist something that combines animation with moon and stars and a cute little boy? I can’t freaking wait!
Again, here is the actual link:
My birthday is gonna be awesome this year!!

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