butterfly land.

I teach ballet. To say that (or write that) makes me chuckle so much. Me? Ballet?! Believe it. And I love it. It really does make you feel so feminine and delicate. Most of all I love the fantasy land that it takes me to. A land of butterflies and balance and metamorphosis. Caves of caterpillars tied together with strings of purple flowers. Cycling through space on our bicycles with pink, stripy hoola-hoop wheels. A world of mini ballerinas prancing around in miniature versions of my costume. Snow white legs jump from hoop to hoop. A twirl here and a dragon jump there. Crawling through the tunnel of doom, then the emergence of beauty. Imagine you are being chased by a lion, and at the same time if you fall from this thin bridge made of green twigs, you will be eaten by the crocodiles.

Talking of crocodiles, I clearly have them on my mind a little too much. Last night I had the scariest nightmare. I was being chased around my apartment by a baby crocodile. He was the exact baby crocodile that I use in my ballet class. Except he was real. And had very sharp teeth. He was actually a vampire crocodile. He liked belly buttons. So he bit into my belly button. I then screamed and said ‘please be a dream, please be a dream.’ Luckily, it was!

Then today, Dan emailed me saying download this band called the ‘crocodiles.’ EXCUSE ME?! They seem to be haunting me now.

Take me back to butterfly land please.

Even when I am supposed to be teaching a ‘serious’ class, we whizzle off on some magical journey. Last night we had a tea party filled with poems and riddles and pretty, pink china cups. The little girl then drew her and her boyfriend with matching pink heart tops. I saw her mummy when she picked her up. She was wearing a pink heart top. Cute.

Lunchtimes are also adventurous. While munching on some Japanese curry type thing (I like to mix it up), I fly to meet the Red Bull demon and Lady Amalthea.

My days are crazy. No wonder I can’t sleep at night. Eating so many jelly beans probably doesn’t help the matter either….

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