The White Pepper

Instagram is so great, not just for checking out stalking my friends’ photos, but also for discovering new fashion brands. Recently I stumbled across a real gem- The White Pepper. They are a UK East London based online fashion brand and their style is breathtakingly beautiful. Their new female range for the spring season is floaty and feminine with a quirky, vintage twist, perfectly on cue with the current fashion trends. I want ALL of their clothing. It’s like my ideal wardrobe rolled into one. I needn’t shop anywhere else ever again. Thank you The White Pepper. They’re so cool, they’re even stocking their stuff in Topshop- another of my faves.

I can’t resist sharing a few sneak peeks at their Spring ’14 range. Seriously, look at how pretty all of these outfits are…

1_399ec3c9-47a5-4cfe-b489-ecc5dec432f7 2_68b57798-73c8-4990-8b2f-0f1232155e75 20_3cbc5e25-b85c-4d1d-b0e6-fc065ddf6ea1



All of the above photos are a selection from The White Pepper Spring 14 Lookbook. You can also check out their recent shoot here- Spring in Seoul. I cannot wait for payday so I can purchase some of these gorgeous dresses!

Après Ski- “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers”

I don’t often stumble across jewelry that I just have to have, but that’s all changed now that I’ve found Après Ski’s “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers” collection. I want them ALL.

Après Ski’s accessoires are designed by the wonderful Lucía Vergara from Barcelona. She launched her first solo collection in 2009 and from the look of her shop it appears she’s on a creative roll. Her pieces are very vintage-focused and most of them are actually made from old materials from the 40s to 80s. She is a natural craftsman, mixing her chosen materials together to create a new blend of innocent romance with an air of casual modernity.

She gets most of her inspiration from the world of nature, but she also focuses in on geometrical shapes and designs that make up the universe.

Each of her collection’s are extremely unique, and due to her thrifting of vintage materials, each piece has it’s own little history. That is pretty special.

Her “Our Garden Needs It’s Flowers” collection was inspired by Memphis Milano, a movement of architecture and industrial design from the 80s. It’s also very apparent that some of her influences stem from Africanism, but with a pastel colour twist and the signature geometrical shapes that combine to create the Après Ski label.

P1040184 Congo 44euros

P1040224 Lichi 67euros

P1040244 Costa 71euros

P1040258 Albion 44euros

P1040267 Dizi 32euros

P1040279 Edo 32euros

P1040336Bi 71euros

P1040272Iku 32euros

Lucky for us, she delivers worldwide, so if you’re outside Spain allow anywhere from 5-14 days to receive your little beauty. It only costs 4.70euros for postage and packaging, and for any extra accessories on top of that it’s only an additional 2euros!

Check out the Après Ski site here.

We are not a factory but a group of tailors

In the little lanes around Zhongxiao Fuxing and Zhongxiao Dunhua it’s so easy to stumble upon cute boutiques, heavenly tea houses and quirky shops galore. One day, a few months ago, my friend and I happened upon this cool place. Their slogan says it all- ‘We are not a factory but a group of tailors’. In Asia where a lot of clothing is mass-produced, it’s really refreshing to see such a unique take on fashion.

At PO_I you can design your very own shirt. From the choice of fabric to the design and colour of the buttons, it’s entirely up to you. What makes it so appealing is that it’s all done in their shop. You can pull up a stool at their design station, select your fabrics and style, get help with measuring and even take a peek into the tailoring process right at the back of the shop. It’s that simple.

And it gets even simpler. You can design your unique shirt all by yourself on their website here. It’s so much fun! It really puts a new, convenient spin on tailor-made fashion.

The tailoring team are very enthusiastic and will tailor to your unique heart’s desire. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact them on their site here, on their Facebook page here or by going directly into their store- 台北東區門市: 106 Taipei, Taiwan台北市大安路一段31巷42號 (Da’an Road, section 1, lane 31, no.42).

This kind of fashion-design process allows you to exert your imagination and create a totally personalised shirt.  The feeling that comes with this is definitely more special than running down to a mainstream store and buying the same shirt that everyone else is prancing around in.

PO_I allows you to create your own original shirt at an affordable price. What’s not to love about that?! You can be as whacky as you like and choose a different fabric for the collar, the pocket, the sleeves etc, or you can keep it classy and have the same fabric running throughout. It’s totally up to you!

And even if you don’t feel like designing your own shirt, it’s still a cool store to take a browse in. There are lots of unique little trinkets for sale and a button collection to die for. The staff are all very friendly and the ambience of the store is very relaxed. Last time I was there they had the most beautiful, vintage leather bags, as well as funky shoes and already-designed shirts.

If you’re in Taiwan it’s definitely worth a visit. And if you’re outside Taiwan, why not hop across to their online store and play around with designing your very own shirt. Their website is pretty lovely too.

IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2923 IMG_2924 IMG_2925 IMG_2927 IMG_2929 IMG_2931 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2937 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941

Jane Sews

Instagram can be quite a wonderful thing; for example, stumbling across some of the most beautifully-crafted sandals I have ever seen in my life. Jane Sews is a Durban-based label in South Africa that focuses on embracing everything artisan. From just a quick glimpse lingering gaze, I could see that Amy from Jane Sews really focuses on the finest of construction to ensure good quality that you can play and frolic in for years to come. And thanks to the wonderful timelessness of Jane Sew’s items, you can be sure to be right on trend for a long while yet.

I love the way Jane Sews has a vintage, eclectic feel, but at the same time keeps it simple and feminine. The online shop adds to this flowing femininity that each of the Jane Sew’s items epitomises.

Seeing as it’s turning into Spring in South Africa, Jane Sews has recently released their Spring/Summer collection for 2013. Here are a few peeks at their latest look book…

Jane_SewsS13b Jane_SewsS13c_1 Jane_SewsS13d_1 jane_sewss13f_1 jane_sewss13i_1

Do you see what I mean?! Such whimsically classic pieces, with a clean, simplistic feel- perfect for picnicing amongst the freshly-bloomed flowers of Spring. Or, if you’re up in the Northern Hemisphere- don’t fret- you too, can also purchase these gorgeous pieces through their international shipping. You might have to wait until Spring 2014 to wear one of these lovelies, but at least that’ll give you something to look forward to during those long, winter days. Personally though, I’d just throw on a pair of thick, wooly tights and team one of these dresses with a long knitted cardigan and…Voilá!

I do believe even these sandals could be teamed with thick tights and still look amazing…

593IMG_0228edit_grande Jane_Sews_Mila_grande

This is the Mila sandal and isn’t she just beautiful? They’re handmade from leather, and even lined in leather! And that little buckle there, that’s an antique! You can even choose between the colour block style or the natural style; I want both! And at R699 (around 55pounds), they’re a great investment.


They also have the Margo sandal- hello peep toe! These are perfect for summer and they would go with anything. I love the rich-chocolate colour and I’m already imagining what colour nail polish they’d look pretty with.

Good, strong footwear is so important. I can’t be doing with buying a new pair of sandals every few months. I want something that will last and never dwindle to the bottom of the fashion pile. I think we all know that Jane Sew’s new sandal collection is going to be whipped off the shelves in no time. Be sure to go here and pre-order your pair today. They will start shipping from the 15th of September and I’m guessing they’ll be pretty busy!

Visit Jane Sew’s website and online shop here to view the rest of the beautiful collection, and why not become a fan on their Facebook page so you can keep up to date with all the goings on in the Jane Sews world.

little thing 戀物誌 magazine

oh, to stumble upon a magazine that is so pretty you could just melt into the pages. well i found it! it’s called little thing 戀物誌 and it’s made in Hong Kong. each month they have a specific theme such as letters, the kitchen, twins etc, and the entire issue is focused on this. not only does the magazine have a double pop-up page!!!, it’s also filled with the most creative, pretty fashion shoots and a particularly interesting section where they follow one creative mind for a week and document their day-to-day life. even though it’s all in Chinese, it’s definitely worth purchasing, if only for the dreamy inspiring images. it’s a double bonus if you’re studying Chinese and can pretend it’s ‘reading’ practice.

they have a ‘little thing’ store in my old city of Shenzhen. it’s filled with the most beautiful little things, obviously. i’d move back to Shenzhen just for that place.

prepare to be mesmerised…

453_G_1347065208140 5157355197_a32c13e6cc 20122811262 1146131263628d647fo littlething_cover littlething21 s3277429 T2V7NFXXRNXXXXXXXX_!!22370215

LolaAndCash- i left my heart in South Africa

i have a bit of a problem. you see, back in 2007, i left a country and forgot to take my heart with me. let’s be honest, it was inevitable. have you been to South Africa? if you still have your heart inside your chest then probably not. don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. infact, it’s pretty fun. it means i have to go back often to ensure that my heart’s doing OK. actually, it’s doing great thanks. however, there’s another small issue. i like living in different places. right now my heart is chilling in 4 different countries (or 3 depending on your political outlook) and i’m wondering how i can make it 1 heart again? where do i choose? is it OK to leave little parts of yourself dotted around the globe? my 4 countries are so fun and each offers a different, but amazing lifestyle. i’m hanging out with my South African heart section right now and i stumbled upon this gem…


it seems pretty fitting really. i found it here on LolaAndCash’s etsy store. the jewelry is designed and made by Vikki, a Cape Town based creator. her designs are all handmade quirks and capture my favourite parts of this country. i really want the necklace above as well as some of the following…


il_570xN.250791083 il_570xN.295893273 il_570xN.364652387_olbz


you can also request a custom-made item. great for gifts or as a little treat for yourself. LolaAndCash you are awesome!

i also stumbled upon these gems for my other country loves from this etsy-store. truche is a Chicago-based designer and from the look of her store, she can customise any country with a little cut-out heart. so, i guess it doesn’t really matter if i happen to leave my heart all over the world. if i wear one of these necklaces i can always carry it with me. yup. i’m going to look so cool wearing 4 necklaces…



my home- Scotland, and then my little sweet potato- Taiwan. funnily enough i haven’t yet found a China one…interesting.

beau bow

Girl to Girl: No, come on! You know who I’m talking about! That tall girl who always wears the bows.

Girl 1: Oh bow girl. Gosh, doesn’t she know they’re like, only for little girls.

Girl 2: Oh, yeah, yeah totally…(Girl 2 discreetly unclips bow from the back of her hair…)

Enter Bow Girl…

you see, she’s cool! bows are nat for babies.

red ones are not just for Minnie Mouse mmmk.

this isn’t one i’d wear to class, but for a party…

bow dresses, i love them.

i want this dress!

 men, yes, you should wear a bow tie everyday.

Bows really are quite lovely. Be it a bow tie, a giant hair bow, a dress with a bow, a belt with a bow, I’m all about the bows. When was the last time you wore a bow? I suggest tying a little ribbon bow to your bag, or trying to do your hair like this. Or just pop a little bow into that up-do. I promise it looks cool!