Climbing into my China tea-cup.

One day to go. This summer has whizzed by. From the magical shores of Tiree, to my wee village, to London town and then back to that wee village. One day to go. China is looming. Back to that crazy land and boy am I excited! Yet, also completely and utterly terrified. But no, now I am just excited. I have been longing to return to China since the moment I left in January. It’s strange the way things turn out. I loved China. I hated it. I loved it…and so on. Now I am going back and I have no idea what to expect. It’s all part of the adventure though, isn’t it?!

I know that I am arriving in Hong Kong and I know who I will have dinner with that evening, and that on Thursday I get to see Dan again after 3months of being on opposite sides of the world from one another. Other than this, I know nothing. In fact we don’t even have an apartment organised. And thus, the adventure begins…

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