Clockenflap 2013

Last weekend, Hong Kong’s largest Music & Arts Festival- Clockenflap took place right on the water overlooking the epic Hong Kong Island skyline. With a line-up including the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Chic, Cui Jian (Chinese rock legend!), Metric, 2Manydjs as well as many other fantastic bands, it was definitely a weekend people have been excited about for months! Clockenflap used to actually be free. I remember back in 2011 all you had to do was register online and wait to see if you got tickets. I did, but unfortunately they went to my junk inbox and I didn’t check it that week, so I missed out big time. Anyway, this year’s festival was a weekend of perfect weather, magical music, delicious cider, a whole range of different food stalls to choose from and thee most unique festival location I’ve ever experienced. I can’t quite explain the feeling you get when you’re watching one of your favourite bands playing (Metric) and the sun is setting over the glittering city and you’re just dancing around in a huge crowd of happy people; it’s really something special.

When Tegan and Sara were performing, in between songs they admitted that the night before they’d been a little drunk and had told everyone they saw that they were planning on moving to Hong Kong because it’s just so freaking beautiful. They woke up in the morning and had google maps open on their browser with neighbourhoods pinpointed that’d they like to live in. That’s the kind of thing I do and I was pretty happy to discover I’m not the only crazy dreamer out there.

The photos don’t really do the day I spent at Clockenflap justice, so you should probably make a little trip to Hong Kong next year and go along and see this surreal beauty of a festival for yourselves!

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p.s I’d just like to add that this is supposed to be Winter in Hong Kong. I know, I know, we are very lucky!



Check out this song by the Danish band Efterklang. I saw them play at the festival and I was pretty impressed. That’s probably because they announced their love for Taiwan after playing a gig in Taipei the night before. They even threw gifts from Taipei into the crowd. I may have screamed like a girl…It’s the Taiwan love, I just can’t help it. Thus, not only is their music brilliant, they also love Taiwan. We’re best friends already.

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