crazy town.

I live in a crazy town. I find myself walking along the road giggling like a maniac and actually saying out loud ‘oh my gosh haha.’ For example, I was strolling to the metro early this morning when a jogger ran by. Totally normal right? Not this one. Firstly, he was around the age of 105. I kid you not. Secondly, he was the skinniest, boniest man I have ever encountered (why is he jogging?!). Thirdly, and I am being entirely serious…he was…NAKED! As if I was just walking along, staring at the river, when jog jog jog, a naked man runs by. He not only ran by me naked, he also greeted me. In English. This never happens. He said ‘Oh hello there, how do you dooo?’ He also had the funniest jog I have ever seen. He wiggled his bum and moved his arms back and forth in the same rhythm. I think I love this man. What a legend. I hope he jogs daily. OK, so I exaggerated a teeny weeny bit. He had on black see-through boxers. But as he was so skinny, they hung off of him, showing well…everything. No-one else seemed fazed though. It definitely brightened up the beginning of my day.

The end of my day was just as bright. I got a lift to the bus station in a GOLF BUGGY. Might not seem so strange to you, but remember I don’t work on a golf course. I work in busy, hectic China. The father of one of my kids (haha not MY kid, but my student) offered me a lift and I was so excited. As if I were whizzing along the Chinese roads in the back of a golf buggy!

What a day! And now four days off!! Double happiness! Happy National Day China.

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