emergence from the cartoon chrysalis.

The 1st of January. A cinnamon smelling cafe in glitzy Hong Kong, waiting patiently for sleepy friends to awaken, I vowed I would write every single day this year. We all know that didn’t happen, but enough of broken written promises…time to make up for lost words and creations…I have been embarking on a new journey and it has been wonderful so far. A new year, a new beginning, right? I packed up my ballet shoes, a stolen pink sparkly bow, a ‘fame’ mix-c.d and skidaddled out of my colourful kids’ gallery. A few last squeezes from Cola, Cherry and my other mini allsorts and off I went.

Sometimes you just have to follow your dreams. Even if it means giving up on something else that is oh so lovely. I would really regret it if I hadn’t jumped at this chance as it has brought so many amazing opportunities in such a short time. I am now a cartoon. A cartoon voice actor to be precise. And let me tell you, it is FUN! If I think back to the days when I was a little menace watching my cartoons, I always stared and listened in awe at the cute little voices coming out of these colourful images. How on earth can I grow up to be one of these? Well, by finding an advert online and going for an audition and getting the job, that’s how.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy decision. Ask anyone who had the pleasure of listening to me debate it night and day. During my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia (stories of that special time coming soon) I changed my mind daily. Apologies Emma. But on one particularly chilly Thursday night/ Friday morning, I awoke and sitting bolt upright, I decided. I must take this job. I must become a cartoon. And voila. Here I am, sitting in my futuristic glass-pod/studio bedroom in my ultra-cool 15th floor apartment, complete with a rain shower and a purple velvet chez-longue, feeling pretty happy that my inner-cartoon wannabe pushed me to do this. Maybe all along I was going to take it, but I thought about it long enough that’s for sure.

I should inform you, whoever you are, that I now live in Shenzhen, the baby of China. She is a young city. More on that later.

Cliched this may be, but in Guangzhou I was just crawling around, just like a squidgy pea-green caterpillar, waiting, waiting for something to happen. Moving to Shenzhen, becoming a cartoon, has been quite a transformation for me. I feel free. I really do. Well as free as one can possibly feel living in good old China 😉

But me and Guangzhou are still good friends. We left on a good note. From strawberry fields with baskets upon heads, to crazy K.T.V sessions, to nibbling yummy vegetables in little water villages, we had a jolly old time. And of course I will return there often. Guangzhou will always be my China ‘home.’ That old charming city will never fail to charm me back. His winding alleys of pottery-cladden figurines, star-shaped rice served with a ‘you should speak Chinese all the time’ smile, to his delicious memories of love and brownies and blue fish and ska and rainbow towers.

For now though, it’s time to proceed and make a new relationship, one with this little baby city. As she grows, her hidden gems will reveal themselves and slowly but surely, she will become just as cultured as her big brother, Guangzhou.

So far, so good Shenzhen.

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