faerie hunting.

Imagine the most emerald green grass sprouting from a deep valley filled with sneaky faeries hiding amongst the prickly purple thistles and sheep with blue graffiti’d fur….This is what the Isle of Skye has hidden in one of it’s many glens. As we drove around the gorgeously wild island, I noticed a hidden track covered by bushy trees and rickety old fences. I made my sister drive back and up the steep, winding path to see what mystical gems we could find. I caught a glimpse of a gypsy caravan in the distance and I just the knew the faeries would be there. And yes, they were. If you look really closely, surely you can see them dancing on the tips of the grass and poking out from behind their signpost….

There was even a unicorn prancing around the valley, basking in the beauty of the purpleness….

The Isle of Skye was mystical and magical and wild and rugged and hysterical and dramatic and everything that an island escape should be.

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  • Birt
    July 14, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Lovely lovely, such beautiful writing, I've missed it! Love love xx

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