February ‘Vietnam and Cambodia’

Eat chocolate, kiss and travel. I’ll take all of the above. Every single day. What better way to start a brand new year with a journey to far-away lands. (OK, not THAT far from China, but you get the idea ;).

Sizzling Ho Chi Minh city, a world of motorcycles and Pho. An epic 2day boat ride, just drifting along the Mekong Delta, no money, no worries (apart from NO money), just the sunsets, the river, my runny nose that would be sure to win the race and little fruit markets floating by. Palaces and balcony breakfasts and massages and legit’ back-street Cambodian food with locals…Phnom Penh. A city of treasures and tragedies…

Bumpy bus rides with sophisticated ladies passing dreamy meadows and villages on stilts. Tuk-tuk rides to weddings in Siem Reap, and to the breathtaking Temples of Angkor. Bike rides through beautiful villages, kids chasing us at our feet. Butterfly restaurants and buckets of Angkor WHAT?! Fish tickling our feet and the best veggie burgers in the world….Siem Reap is dreamy.

Back to crazy Ho Chi Minh for candyfloss and cocktails and the Vietnamese New Year. Onwards to Mui Ne…a land of kites and mango daiquiris. The BEST mango daiquiris in the world. For real. Lazy daze….

Dalat. The highlands where buildings are built like fantasy Alice in Wonderland lands, and waterfalls are meant for abseiling. Motorbike rides where you fear for your life….

Hanoi. The most beautiful city. The most colourful architecture and puppets that dance in water. Then the water of Halong Bay. So blue. Just gliding through caverns and caves in a canoe built for two…

Then home to Guangzhou. What a journey 🙂

soundtrack to my month…nothing so free as blasting this at the top of your lungs in rural Cambodia on a pink bicycle…meadows to your left…sunsets to your right…

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