food festival= free wine and cupcakes.yum.

Last Sunday my friend Emma and I decided to venture to jiang nan xi in search of this big international Asian food festival. We expected hundreds of booths with food from all over Asia, but that’s not quite how it was. I mean there were a fair few booths, but just Chinese food. Although there was one awesome booth that was being run by the coolest dudes ever. They were jamming to Turkish music and selling kebabs. We had a little dance with them before buying a few kebabs. Delicious. Made me sick for 4days. Worth it? Hmm. haha. But we also got a little insight of the wine industry, and of course we got to sample at least a litre of free wine provided by Local Winos, which believe me, went down like juice. Amazing. Of course you sample the wine and then they expect you to buy a bottle worth £30. Nooo chance. But thanks for the free taster 😉

I also got to eat a chocolate cupcake!!!! My first choco cupcake since arriving in China. It was pretty damn good. Then we hung out with the 5 Guangzhou rams. Little Chinese guys dressed in ram costumes. Funny. It was a really pretty area of the city. Down by the river, with twinkly lights and big warehouses filled with random wine stores and a cinema. I love going to new areas of Guangzhou. The longer I stay in this city, the more I discover really cool places.

After we had milked the free wine for as much as we possibly could, we headed back to the centre of jiang nan xi and took a stroll around the cool alleyways, hidden gems filled with board-game cafes, sweetie shops and cool bars and clothes stores. A wicked cool area! Ah delightful. A night of cupcakes, FREE wine, great company, jelly sweets and random explorations. Yummy.

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