free doughnuts and honky konky

A smooth journey is rare in my life. There is usually at least one small glitch. This journey was no different. For the first time in my flying history, I was experiencing a flight similar to a bus ride. We were due to drop a few people off in Thailand, pick a few people up, and then speed on to Hong Kong. However, that was not to be…the plane decided to run out of water, so we all had to get off the plane and hang out in the airport. I opted to spend my free food voucher on a chocolate coated doughnut. Good choice.

On arriving in Hong Kong I was greeted by two old acquaintances….chopsticks and jiaozi. It was good to be back! I had a wonderful evening catching up with friends and being back in the glitter city. The next day I was enlightened. My guardian Angel and I crossed the warm honky ocean to a nearby mountain range. We were encased in a glass sphere, flying across to visit the Big Buddha. He was big. Very big. Majestic and marvellous on the top of his mountain. We ran up the 100 steps to meet him, and frolicked around the various mini buddhas before stopping for the classic Big Buddha snap. Incense filled the air and in the process lightened our heads and almost blew us down the steps into the temple. For the first time I actually prayed to Buddha. Indeed he gave me what I asked for. Thanking you Mr Big Buddha.

Thursday and thunderstorm. Nothing would stop me from making my way to the airport. I was finally doing the picking up. But it didn’t quite work out. After one hour of waiting, I decided to double-check the arrival gate…Barging past the hundreds of Honky’s, me and my trolley almost collided with the one other trolley and boy we were looking for. After a minor collision of trolleys and hearts, we made our way to the bus ticket stance. Time to whip out those ol’ chinese skills…China I’m coming back!

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