full moon.

The full moon is out again and she is beautiful. In her luminous shadow ladies and men dance in the streets. Across the wide expanse of pavement their arms flutter and glide, like swans on a crystal ice lake. They are the epitomy of contentment and elegance. As my bus crosses their path I can’t help but smile in their direction. Nothing phases them. Come rain or shine, they will dance to their heart’s desire. It is a beauty that can be seen daily in China. I joined in last year on a festive night in december. Ladies dancing in an open park. I jumped in and tried to glide alongside them. I was more the ‘ugly duckling’ as I couldn’t quite pick up their easy-going fragility in the short time I participated.
Mahjong by moonlight. Two old men stooped over the antique table in the foyer. The light from the moon shines down in one slender beam, easing through the crack in the door to light their game. They look like excited kids, playing a game of battleship. I adore coming home to this sight. Weekends in my building are always bustling with men playing mahjong, ladies playing cards and kids playing make-believe games in the trees with the kittens. Tonight the two old men looked so majestic. Old Chinese men’s images are the wisest I ever saw.

Now, blue nails. A mint face mask, with a cinnamon candle, a pink plastic cup of camomile tea and a new book by Banana Yoshimoto.

 A delve into Japan straight from the centre of a Chinese city.

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