Green Island and strawberry jam

As we made dumplings, flour becoming dough becoming delicious homemade goodness, we sat and talked all things summer. One friend mentioned ‘WWOOFing’. She described her ideal summer as a Wwoofer- living in a little attic, surrounded by dusty books that would last for days, and spending the rest of the time making strawberry jam. For me that conjures up the most relaxing, free-spirited way to spend a few weeks.

WWOOFing is a very cool organisation that allows you to go work on beautiful farms and get back to the roots of this land- nature. From making strawberry jam in Canada, to horticulture in Taiwan, there’s something for everyone. In exchange for your handiwork, you will get a place to rest your head and food to keep your energy levels up. And if you’re on a strawberry farm, hello free strawberries! Of course, it’s not all play and berries, I’ve heard that some farms will work you to the bone, so choose wisely. Either way though, what an experience! It’s definitely something I’d like to consider for a couple of weeks, not only to possibly eat my bodyweight in fresh jam or potatoes, but also to gain a new skill outside in the natural world.

So, after daydreaming about dusty books and strawberry jam, I realised how much I’m missing the simple life. Bird song, damp sand, the sound of the ocean…

Thus, tomorrow two friends and I are boarding a night train and then a boat to Green Island. If it looks anything like this, I might not want to leave…ever!


Yes. This is where I’m going, and I cannot wait. Beaches, books, cameras and films, paper and pens, wine, cake and wine.

Green Island, see you bright and early on Friday morning. Please prepare the bluest sky, the fluffiest clouds and a bright yellow sun. Thank you.

One Comment on “Green Island and strawberry jam

  • Tarrah
    May 11, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Ahhhhhh so jealous of your Taiwanese Tiree!! though if it is anything like Tiree, i don’t expect you will actually get to pick up a pen… hahaha
    Let’s go on a writing excursion again soon! I am currently re reading Anne of Green Gables, and have decided to move to Prince Edward Island and run through fields of flowers, while writing next to the ‘Lake of Shining Waters’. hehehe 🙂

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