happy advent calendar day.

Happy 1st of December everyone 🙂 I am eagerly awaiting my advent calender delivery from my cousin. She is going to be in Hong Kong this week and kindly offered to bring me one. yay. China doesn’t sell them. sob sob.

And Happy St.Andrew’s Day to yesterday. As I sat nibbling on some neeps (turnips) at work, it didn’t even click what day it was. Only later in bed I remembered, and thought how lovely that our Ayi at work subconsciously knew there was a really good reason for feeding me turnips on this special day. Unfortunately there was no haggis to go along with it, but neeps would do.

Today however, Ayi decided to feed us pig’s blood. Congealed pig’s blood. Of course I didn’t touch it. Just the thought, never mind actually seeing it infront of my very eyes, made me want to vomit. How on earth people can eat this I will never know. Although my colleague did make a point by saying how we eat black pudding. But at least black pudding has some oats etc…it’s not JUST blood. Pig’s blood dish in China is just blood. Blood in the shape of cubes, like cola cubes, but not delicious. I couldn’t bear it, so I bought some strawberries and winnie the pooh chocolate biscuits instead. Strawberry and chocolate mixed together in my mouth. Heaven.

And then Hell. I cried. All because of brats. Kids can be real brats sometimes. Today was just a little too much for me. On the metro home I was aware that my nose was running and tears were streaming down my face, as my ipod shuffled from sentimentality to more sentiment. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I think banging my head on the handles on the roof finally triggered it, and down the tears poured. People stared. I didn’t care.

But now it’s time to get over it. It was just a bad day. We all have bad days. Tomorrow is a new beginning. I’m going to have a lovely long lie, and paint my nails glittery, and eat star-shaped rice with NO pig blood. Then I’m going to eat chocolate brownies and go shopping. And try and book a flight to Thailand for Christmas. Ohh, and maybe buy my Christmas tree. But it must be real. I hate fake Christmas trees.

I hope you had a better 1st of December than I did. In the meantime I am going to dream of picnics in faraway lands, bicycle rides through Chinese mazes, building snowmen in my wee village, Alice in Wonderland cocktails, skys with stars and seeing all my friends all over the world.


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