I wonder if it’s spelled B i r d w h i s t l e? ‘Cause that would just be awesome. Sadly, it wasn’t. But she more than made up for it. Harrietta (two t’s ;), or Birt, as she is also known, is one of the most wonderful creatures I’ve ever come across. From the moment she sent me an Audrey Hepburn cup in the post for Christmas, I knew it was set in stone. Oh boy, I wasn’t wrong. We’ve been through it all. From the highest bungee in the world in beautiful South Africa, complete with rocking dance party to get the adrenaline flowing, to standing on the edge of a river cliff in hysterics as she almost tumbled to her death in a random-ass village in China. As she so wisely told me…you know it’s a true friend when they’d rather laugh and snap photos of you than save you from near-death by falling-in-dirty-river, off edge-of-cliff. Yeah, I love this girl!

She knows everything. I kid you not. I mean I’ve been living in Shenzhen for approx. 1 year now and I’ve never had a hot shower. Well along comes Harriet, who speaks no Chinese (apart from ting bu dong ;), reads no Chinese and yet she still manages to point out that maybe, just maybe, my water gas heater thingy (yeah, it was always gonna be a problem for me) was turned the wrong way. It was really as simple as that. Also there was the time where she kindly showed me how I could listen to music through other programmes other than i-tunes which abandoned my laptop last year. Then there was also the time where she pointed out the various plug points around my apartment, and figured out how to work a Chinese dvd player where everything is in Chinese. Yup, she’s got it going on.

So now she’s gone. Prancing around on some tropical Fiji island, how dare she! ha! Well actually she darn well deserves it after putting up with China for one whole month (or rather…me!)! Now that she’s gone and I’m suffering from Post-Harriet-Departure-Depression (it really does exist), I’ve got to thinking about how amazing and quite simply, essential it is to have a best friend living in your apartment. Not only do they figure out all the weird and wonderful ways in which technology is supposed to work (these hi-tec savvy kids, I love ’em) but they also cook for you. And it’s delicious! And they have dance parties with you and eat chocolate with you and drink tea (ALOT OF TEA FOR THIS LADY) with you and listen to you and make you laugh non-stop for one whole entire month and everyday becomes a total magical jam.

Everyday is fun when Harriet’s around. A few of my favourite memories from our friendship so far…

*St.Patricks Day, 2007, Knysna. That’s all I’m sayin’…
*Sledging in the Highlands of Scotland.
*Attempting to skinny-dip at 2am in -20degrees Atlantic Ocean. Yeah, we’re clever.
*Coming to Newcastle for 3days and not leaving your house. For some reason we make everything hilarious, such as sitting on a plane in Sichuan where nothing is even happening…but there we are, bawling tears of laughter, bordering on hysteria.
*FACE. Your face in a crowd of 20million crammed into a tunnel, underground, levitating on the busiest day of Chinese New Year (sorry!).
*Russian/Polish/Chinese political upheavals in parks on a sunny day.
*YAK, Chicken feet, pig!!!! and all that other weird food. NZ ICE CREAM anyone?!
*General chaos in Sichuan. Trains, planes and cows.
*Macau. Ox Warehouse. ‘Welcome to Hong Kong…’
*Hong Kong…Pandora. defo ’nuff said.
*Just general laughter at everyday things, like the excitement of having hot water.
*Yellow nails. forever. amen.
*You. Just you. Too awesome.

So Harriet, now that you’re living your life on a beach somewhere, and I’m shivering in my pod, hows about you come back hey?! ‘Cause I miss you and China does too. China misses the only blonde in the village. And if you don’t come back sometime you know what that means right? Losing face. Noone likes a lost face. I think we both know that mmmk 🙂

Just kidding! Go rock that pretty world out there and I’ll join you soon for some galavanting! I love youuuu!

                                                                     Some photos 🙂

Rocking the dreamy, other-worldly look. It’s all the rage right now.

Damn our younger selves. Dr.Feel Good…do your job!

When she invited me to join her daily bathing sesh, I knew it was meant…

                  Hey, I wonder where the next adventure will take us… 😉 ? Peace out Panda buddy!

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