Dear Dragon year,

You were pretty freaking awesome. Now, however, you can chill out for 11 years and allow that sassy snake to take over. I wonder what delights she will put forward this year? Here’s hoping it’s as magical as what you conjured up.

And so another year comes to an end, and I can pretend that I follow the lunar calendar and once again re-start my resolutions, because, well, let’s be honest…who’s actually kept their’s? I’m starting again on Sunday.

Enjoy these last few dragonlicious days and to all the Chinese out there- Happy New Year, and have a safe trip home! 新年快樂,一路平安!

For those of you who haven’t experienced the mad rush home at Chinese New Year, rest assured it’s something you can pass on. It’s crazy! And it can be really sad, especially in China, to watch all those people embarking on the long journey home, which they only make once a year, and sometimes they have to stand for 30+hours straight, if they’re even lucky enough to get a ticket.

But, it’s also heart-warming. It only happens once a year, and everyone makes an effort to rush home to be with their loved ones. They don’t complain (well not much) that they have to endure a ridiculously-long journey, because they know at the end of it all, they’ll spend a few days with their loves, enough to fill their hearts, souls and tummies, so that they can head on back to the cities to start all over again for the next year.

‘Ah home, let me come home, home is whenever I’m with you.’

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