i like to chase butterflies

I awoke very early and couldn’t quite believe I was sleeping in a city; it was so peaceful as we drove towards Taroko Gorge. I was glued to the window thanks to the bluer-than-blue sky and the biggest, fluffiest clouds ever!! I spent the entire day chasing butterflies of all colors and sizes, and just breathing in the fresh gorge(ous) air. The combination of the dramatic, steep cliff drops and the crystal blue water created a kind of mystical, magical feel. It was almost other-worldly. I spent quite a bit of time admiring all the creative phrases and pictures people had composed with rocks, down in the gorge. I decided to make my own art and take some fun photos. After waving goodbye to the breathtaking gorge, we headed to the pebbliest beach I’ve ever been to. It was so pretty in a dark, stormy way. There was an older man with us and he ran into the sea, and as the waves crashed with a big, old boat in the background, it almost looked like he was a sailor who had just been washed up on shore, escaping from the pirates sailing towards us. From blue spring skies, to the murky ocean. The rough, tumultuous waves crashing and foaming on the rocks were actually really relaxing. There was a strong wind and I almost felt like I was in some kind of adventure story! What an amazing day! I then spent the evening exploring Hualien, or should I say…getting lost in Hualien. I wandered for four hours, and I still couldn’t find my way, but I was determined not to ask for help, and like I’ve said before, sometimes getting lost is actually the perfect way to discover all the hidden nooks and crannies of a city. However, now I’m completely exhausted, and so I’m tucked up in bed admiring my photos from today, and dreaming of tomorrow’s adventure, whatever that may be! All I know is that I’m boarding a train at 10am to Hutong- a cat town. I picture a little quaint town filled with cute feline friends and little cafes…I guess time will tell, but I’m sure it’ll be fun whatever the outcome! 

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