it’s the little things in life….

Stepping onto the metro I think here we go agaaain. However, this metro journey was..can I say it..FUN! This hilarious old lady was talking at the top of her voice and everyone was laughing and exchanging funny looks. For the first time I saw a man..a ‘gentle’man give up his seat to a pregnant lady. Lovely. I doodled in my new notepad (another thing I love…stationery, especially stationery in China. It is soo cheap and cute) and the man next to me peeked over my shoulder at my little ‘journey’ drawing.

Stepping off the metro, I saw the t.v tower was flashing. Not its usual colours, but all the colours of the rainbow, simultaneously. It was like walking along a sparkling, flashing rainbow road. Nothing could surely make my late night stroll home better, except it did! Climbing up the steps to my complex, I was greeted by a happy AWAKE security guard, and I swear he was singing!! Then I passed by the sleepy kitties, and to my excitement I saw a grandfather teaching his little granddaughter how to dance! yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba. They were twirling like fairies, and I stepped into the lift with a feeling of lightness.

2 Comments on “it’s the little things in life….

  • Loz
    September 29, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Your blog is coming along so nicely! Love the makeover…now when are u going to start drawing us your own pics? hmmm 🙂 love ya

  • Tarrah
    October 5, 2010 at 6:20 am

    Beautiful post girl…. 🙂
    May I add a few that Tay and I decided were magic omens for her BDay?

    A child tossing sparkles high I the air. A red balloon floating past our 5th floor window. Colorful window boxes offsetting the gray of the London sky. The “Loo of the Year”. And a sunset so vibrant it looked like the sky was on fire, in complete defiance of all the moisture held in its black storm clouds rolling in from the horizon…
    The little things indeed 🙂

    You have a gift for seeing magic in the day-to-day Siobhan, and you inspire the rest of us to do the same! Don't ever change!

    Miss you mucho my little Siobhan of the Sea!

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