little thing 戀物誌 magazine

oh, to stumble upon a magazine that is so pretty you could just melt into the pages. well i found it! it’s called little thing 戀物誌 and it’s made in Hong Kong. each month they have a specific theme such as letters, the kitchen, twins etc, and the entire issue is focused on this. not only does the magazine have a double pop-up page!!!, it’s also filled with the most creative, pretty fashion shoots and a particularly interesting section where they follow one creative mind for a week and document their day-to-day life. even though it’s all in Chinese, it’s definitely worth purchasing, if only for the dreamy inspiring images. it’s a double bonus if you’re studying Chinese and can pretend it’s ‘reading’ practice.

they have a ‘little thing’ store in my old city of Shenzhen. it’s filled with the most beautiful little things, obviously. i’d move back to Shenzhen just for that place.

prepare to be mesmerised…

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