Living in a Bubble

Flocks of wings flap across the haze of the gentle ‘tetris’ cityscape. We wander along by the marsh and marvel at our continuity. Once again, we’ve come full circle. It’s ending as it ended before and we breathe a sigh of relief at the pure coincidence of it all. Somehow, the sunset seems smaller out here in the west. Almost as if it’s holding something back, afraid of leaking too many pastels onto the sky. The birds too, fly east. Is it safer over that way?

I’m flying west and push any signs of symbolism out of my head. We continue walking west for a few minutes, edging closer to the industrial side of town. To the east, everything is still blue, familiar in it’s nostalgic way. We wait for the bikers to blast up onto the bridge before darting across, back to our safe little bubble, if only for a few more days.


 Photo taken by Gamy Wong

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