loft of dredlocks and graffiti.

After a wonderful day of delicious blueberry muffins, buying more exciting books and eating yummy Japanese noodles, I was ready to lie down with a good film. But then Dan said ‘never put off one good night for another good night’ so off we danced into the moonlit street to find ‘Loft 345.’
Walking along by the river, I really thought we might run into a serial killer/zombie/monster who eats girls with blue flowers in their hair. As you enter the run-down, graffiti-ridden building, down by the shallow, mysterious areas of the city, you begin to question why on earth you are here? You treasure your existence, so why put it at risk in a dungeon of doom?  It’s just as people described. But actually, to be honest, a million times cooler! I loved it immediately! As you walk up the stairs you meet a mixture of people. Grungy punk girls, and what looked like the most hardcore gang in Guangzhou. Yet, they also look so friendly and chilled. I want to be their friends. Am I cool enough?

Loft 345 is dark and dingy and freaking cool! It’s filled with naked rasta-painted mannequins, old books, beaded curtains, big blue stars hanging above the bar, and a dolly-mixture, random assortment of people. As we entered, the band started. The lead singer was wearing a creepy mask and had piercing, meadow-green eyes. He played the saxophone and had blond dredlocks that reached all the way to his knees, like long, mustard yellow, slithery snakes. He spoke perfect Chinese. The music was so experimentally cool. Too cool. Jazzy punky melodies that told stories and folk tales about three brothers.

To only discover such a cool place like this now is upsetting, but at least I’ve been now. The big comfy sofas, the menu of donuts and sweet popcorn and cheap cocktails stole my heart immediately. This place is too cool for words, you have to see it for yourself.

I am going back for the halloween party tomorrow night. A perfect location for a scary evening. They are going to be screening old horror movies and we have to dress up as our favourite movie star. Yay!

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