LolaAndCash- i left my heart in South Africa

i have a bit of a problem. you see, back in 2007, i left a country and forgot to take my heart with me. let’s be honest, it was inevitable. have you been to South Africa? if you still have your heart inside your chest then probably not. don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. infact, it’s pretty fun. it means i have to go back often to ensure that my heart’s doing OK. actually, it’s doing great thanks. however, there’s another small issue. i like living in different places. right now my heart is chilling in 4 different countries (or 3 depending on your political outlook) and i’m wondering how i can make it 1 heart again? where do i choose? is it OK to leave little parts of yourself dotted around the globe? my 4 countries are so fun and each offers a different, but amazing lifestyle. i’m hanging out with my South African heart section right now and i stumbled upon this gem…


it seems pretty fitting really. i found it here on LolaAndCash’s etsy store. the jewelry is designed and made by Vikki, a Cape Town based creator. her designs are all handmade quirks and capture my favourite parts of this country. i really want the necklace above as well as some of the following…


il_570xN.250791083 il_570xN.295893273 il_570xN.364652387_olbz


you can also request a custom-made item. great for gifts or as a little treat for yourself. LolaAndCash you are awesome!

i also stumbled upon these gems for my other country loves from this etsy-store. truche is a Chicago-based designer and from the look of her store, she can customise any country with a little cut-out heart. so, i guess it doesn’t really matter if i happen to leave my heart all over the world. if i wear one of these necklaces i can always carry it with me. yup. i’m going to look so cool wearing 4 necklaces…



my home- Scotland, and then my little sweet potato- Taiwan. funnily enough i haven’t yet found a China one…interesting.

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