Lomo LC-A+ ♥

oh, the labyrinth of lomography- get involved! the LC-A+ is my favourite! you can get it with a Russian lens and pretend you are an old spy. come on, who doesn’t want to be a spy?! i know we have instagram and all these other vignette apps, but there’s nothing quite so fun as having a proper old camera that you get to wind on. i love that creaky old sound! and waiting for the photos to develop? well, it’s like waiting for your birthday AND christmas! you never know if they’re actually going to work out, or whether they’ll be over-exposed, but well, that’s just a part of the magic. i absolutely love this camera and the beauty of the photos it produces. each one is like getting lost in a land of mysteria. you can decipher for yourself what the shadows and colours leaking-in from all angles mean. it can be a little kaleidoscopic and i like that!lca_plus_1 lp310int_product_8_media_gallery-1


here are a few of my personal favourites of late…

F1140008 F1140009 F1140011 F1140015 F1140019 F1140023

oh lomo, you are a sweet thing!

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