Magical Maokong 貓空

I did not know that a mere 20minutes from my apartment I could chase butterflies, hike for hours on roads with no crowds, dance in the rice fields, and breathe fresh, oh-so-fresh air. And to get here I could take a cheap cable car ride for 15minutes, known as the Maokong Gondola. Beautiful. There are 3 stops on the cable car journey, and we took it all the way to the last station, where we wandered for a couple of hours around the most stunning green rolling fields and honestly, really were chasing butterflies the size of bats! They were ridiculously huge! The view of Taipei city from the Maokong is also gorgeous. Seeing the majestic Taipei 101 sticking out of the city, all proud and tall, and standing above it all, just looking down, it’s quite something. And people live up there! Oh, how I’d love to live up there too! My heart is so happy out there in the countryside, in the mountains…

貓空-literally translates as cat empty. I have no idea…haha!

It used to be the biggest tea growing area of Taipei, and now there are still tons of tea houses scattered along the curvy mountain paths. So, if you like tea, you’ll also love this place!

Tea, butterflies and green mountains. Sold!

Oh! And the leaves are heart-shaped!!















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