Matchstick Man Monday.

I like Mondays. I like that I see the same people in the same place at the same time. It fits into my little routine. The same sleepy security guard snoozing on his desk (clearly not ensuring our complex is a secure place…). The same topless men standing on the corner gossiping. The same businessmen rushing to work like little matching matchstick men. The lazy foreigner who always lights up his cigarette as soon as he gets off the metro, wearing the same big, white earphones…with the same expression…’Why am I awake at this frightful hour?’ The same men working as guards at the hospital door, who I quickly try to sneak by everytime (I use a free hospital shuttle to get to work…soon I think they might figure out that I am not ill every single day). The same fruit men lying on their wooden carts, tummies facing the sun, catching some early morning rays of polluted sun. The same men leaving the ‘foot massage’ parlour that sits 3 floors below the ‘KIDS’ school that I work in. ha. Sleaze bags. Love sharing the lift with them at lunchtime…! Then there is the same old, American guy who goes to the same restaurant I go to every… The food is delicious OK! Don’t judge me! I am spontaneous sometimes…I just really love the eggplant rice dish at this place. The waitresses know me now, and are so sweet to me. There are also some really lovely Chinese poems framed along each of the tables…I can’t actually understand them…I’m working on that…but they look pretty. I also really like the tea. It makes me feel good for the rest of the afternoon. So anyway, this American guy always has a big bottle of beer and sits and reads his book. He looks very content. I like seeing him there on mondays. And so my day goes on….the evenings are a little less matchstick man, a little more frazzled…’…home…I don’t care who you are and where you are going.’

Tuesday is another story. I can never quite tell what Tuesday holds in store for me. I shall find out tomorrow and let you know if anything curious creeps along.

One Comment on “Matchstick Man Monday.

  • Terence Shum
    September 27, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    you didn't see me stalking you~!

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