Monday Musique: Stars – Elevator Love Letter

I haven’t seen the stars since I arrived back in China. These days lately have been the hazy kind, the grey murky kind that seep across your every path clouding and shrouding everything in it’s reach, enveloping it all into one big industrial bubble. Luckily, there is no shortage of green trees in my new neighborhood and a nice splattering of blossoming pinks along my morning motorway commute. These allow me to glide along in the daily penguin parade without getting too far sucked into the repetitive mist. And there’s always music. Today I am enjoying one of my old favourites- Stars, a dreamy indie group from Canada that have been delighting my ears from my high school years when I wore a plastic strawberry hair bobble every single day. Stars always make me smile with their sweet, mesmerising melodies and ethereal voices. If I can’t have real stars right now, at least I always have Stars in the musical form.


Image sourced from here.

What do you think? Dreamy, right?! Please feel free to recommend some new musique to me. Every Monday is going to be Monday Musique day from now on, yay! Hopefully I can introduce you to some lovely tunes!



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